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Electronics are not just a luxury anymore, but a necessity for most.  And, for many of us it has become a new way of entertainment from gaming to visual stimulation.  Most of us remember when games were nothing but dots bouncing around on a screen.  Now, graphics have gotten to the point of complete realism, and it is hard to tell whats real and computer generated.  This takes gaming to the next level and it will continue to change as our technology becomes more and more advanced.  Virtual Reality is the next large task that is at the breaking point, and everyone is starting to really get a grasp of it.  If you are keeping up with new grasps of technology than you see that there are many exciting new toys coming out for the normal consumer.  VR is just one of them, and it is starting with the help of your mobile phone.  Now, you can use your phone with a VR headset and enjoy some virtual reality where ever you are.  Here, you will find information on new tech and fun toys that will keep you up to date with everyone else.   We will keep updating the website for our viewers to help bring new products that we trust and recommend for you to check out.  We enjoy all these fun new products and would like to share it with you.      

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Eclectic Electronics Looks at VR

The purpose of Eclectic Electronics is to bring you news and reviews of the newest and most exciting trends in electronics. The world of electronics is a fast changing area, and you will want to know what is new and what is coming right around the corner. One of the latest trends that we have …

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