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Virtual reality

Three Great Ways To Use Virtual Reality Headsets

High-quality virtual reality headsets are no longer the dream of technology geeks the world over. The technology finally exists for realistic VR, and new models are being prepped for mass consumption.

How will this technology be put to use? There are plenty of guesses. The following three applications seem to be the most imminent and practical ways that virtual reality headsets will be used:

Never Before Seen Video Game Experiences

Video games have gotten immensely better over the last decade but are beginning to hit a plateau once again. Graphics can’t get much better, and users are starting to feel less and less immersed in the games that they are playing.

The best way to combat this is virtual reality. By putting the player into the actual story, and having them act out their part, developers will introduce a whole new genre of entertainment.

Not only will virtual reality make video games that much more fun, but done correctly VR can make a huge dent in childhood obesity. Forcing children to get up and move is one of the toughest problems being faced today. This technology could solve that problem.

The Ultimate Training Tool For Medical And Military Fields

You just can’t simulate a coding patient or an active battlefield, or can you? With virtual reality professors and drill sergeants will be able to put their charges into real life situations without risking the health or safety of any innocents. The changes that this would create in medical and military effectiveness are monumental.

Imagine if an aspiring surgeon could practice open heart surgery 50-100 times on a “living” patient. There would be no more “waste” when it comes to cadavers, and the surgeon would be much better prepared for potential problems during a real life situation.

On the same note, imagine a soldier that has already practiced a mission 50 times through the same streets that he’ll soon be traversing. Variables could be thrown in so that the soldier would be prepped for everything. The lives that could be saved are countless.

Travel On A Budget

Wanderlust hits everyone at some point in their lives. The urge to see the fields of France, the top of Mt. Everest or penguins at the South Pole can be overwhelming at times.

What isn’t overwhelming though is the amount of money that most have in their bank accounts. Lavish trips around the world are outside of the realm of possibility for many. Virtual reality could change all that.

The headsets will never replace the real thing, but VR could give millions the chance to see places and things that they would never get the chance to otherwise. The value that a VR headset could provide regarding both happiness and education cannot be quantified; they are THAT great.

Get excited, because virtual reality is about to hit its tipping point. In the next few years, it is guaranteed that virtual reality headsets will become as crucial to society as smartphones circa the mid-2000s.

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