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Freefly VR Headset

Buy the Freefly VR direct from the manufacturer! for only $85, controller included

Virtual reality has come to your phone. The world is a new place, and the promise of VR has finally become a reality. Virtual reality has been a promised technology for a long time but never quite worked. Well, the time is here and now and ready for your phone. And we have taken a look at most of the headsets on the market for phones and have found the Freefly VR to be an exceptional entry into this area.

One of the greatest advantages that the Freefly VR has is that it will fit most any phone.  It fits iPhone 6 as well as Samsung S6 and below and many other brands as well. You can use any phone Freefly Vr with controllerfrom 4.7″ to 6.1.” The headset will track the movements of your head so that you can turn around 360 degrees and have a full rendering of the virtual world. Another great advantage is that the Freefly VR offers a 120-degree field of view which is the highest available on the market.

The Freefly VR has its own app and content but is also compatible with Google Cardboard, so there is an added great deal of content available through the Google Play Store. Google Play has over 200 VR titles.

The Freefly comes with its own Bluetooth 3.0 wireless game controller that unlike many headsets you may find on Amazon, it is Bluetooth licensed and CE and FCC certified to ensure compatibility.

There are adjustable straps for both over the top of the head as well as the back of the head. The strap over the top makes the headset much more stable in use. It has a one click open system and automatically adjusts to the thickness of your phone. It uses a soft faux-leather viewing area for the most comfort against your face.


  • 42 mm Wide lenses allowing for maximum immersion field
  • Adjustable for use with any phone between 4.7″ and 6.1″ which includes latest Samsung devices and the latest iPhones.
  • It is lightweight
  • It has a quick one click opening system
  • Soft faux-leather offers maximum ergonomic comfort
  • Comes with a Bluetooth certified wireless controller
  • comes with a hard carrying case
  • ability to use Google Cardboard content


  • does not allow for wearing of prescription glasses
  • with the latest iOS 9.2 update, the controller only works with Android phones until further notice. Controllers are not usually needed in iPhone VR games

Buy the Freefly VR direct from the manufacturer!

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