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Homido VR Headset

You can Homido VR Headset directly from the manufacturer for $76 alone or $92 with controller.

Homido is another European entry into the virtual reality world for phones. You may have heard of the Google Cardboard, which is a cardboard viewer for virtual reality apps. The problem with the Google Cardboard is that you have to hold it with your hands, and it is made of cardboard so it won’t last too long. The Homido VR headset is light weight and has straps that go behind and over your head so that you do not have to hold the headset. With the headset you can play virtual reality games, watch 2D, 3D, 360-degree movies, and view 2D, 3D, and 360-degree pictures. There are over 300  compatible apps that you can use with the viewer.

This headset can is usable with most newer phones of the iPhone and Android lot. The optimum screen size for your phone is five inches, but it will accommodate phones from 4″ to 5.7.”  Windows phones have limited compatibility because there aren’t as many VR apps at this time for Windows.

homido vr headset

One slight advantage that the Homido has over some other viewers is for those who wear glasses. The Homido headset has a workaround for those who wear glasses. It comes with cones for the lenses that are for near-sighted, far-sighted, and ordinary viewers. It also has an adjustment for IPD (interpupillary distance) which is the distance between the two lenses, so if it is a little blurry, it might be remedied by this adjustment. It also has adjustment knobs on the side for immersion level adjustment. This adjustment is if you sense a slight distortion just outside your field of view or if the lenses are touching the tips of your eyes.

The lenses offer a 100-degree focal viewing range which is good however not as good as the Freefly Vr’s 120-degree viewing range. The Homido does not come with a controller, but a Bluetooth gamepad is available for about $16. The total for both being about $92 or about $76 for the headset alone.

homido vr and controller


  • Settings for farsightedness and nearsightedness
  • compatible with most newer iPhones and Androids
  • Immersion adjustment and optical lens distance adjustment


  • only 100-degree focal viewing
  • Bluetooth gamepad is extra
  • the optimal phone is five inches

Homido VR Headset directly from the manufacturer for $76 alone or $92 with controller.


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